Seat Lift


The customer had to move a 120 pound seat from floor level up to the level of the vehicle and install it into the cab. This presented a dangerous risk of back injury to the workers on the production line and required multiple workers to complete the job.


Ergo designed a lifting device to lock into the seat and lift it into place using pneumatic cylinders and our proven “duck bill” design. This design allowed one operator to do the job without any risk of injury. This grab has been so successfull we have been asked to install it in multiple locations all over the United States and Mexico.

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Our History

Since 1981, ERGO has been designing and building ergonomic lift systems to solve complex material handling problems all over the country. From crane systems and conveyors to one-off complex loading systems, we have helped make the workplace safer and more efficient for our customers.

In today’s workplace, the demand for increased production can be stressful and, at times, put workers at risk. At ERGO, we believe it is possible to increase productivity and keep workers safe; this is our mission in the industry. Combining decades of experience in every aspect of material handling, we strive to keep production lines moving and workers safe through our cost-effective custom solutions, such as lift assists, vacuum lift assists, manipulators, presses, conveyors, and more.

Seat Lift Photo Gallery